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Is your website your top salesperson?

Today, it’s really easy to create a website for your company. But how easy is it to create one that delivers qualified leads that are measurable and bring value to your business?

Your website has a job to do and it has to do it well or it’s losing you money. It has to:

  • Help you understand how search engines find you
  • Reveal what site content is correlated with sales
  • Which actions help qualify leads that come to your sales force
  • Define the ROI of each piece of your marketing

We love beautiful and fluid design too, but it has to work for your business. It has to bring in qualified leads.

Web Design Isn’t Working

According to “The Science of Website Redesign” a HubSpot study of more than 200 website redesign projects:
32% of marketers are unhappy with their last redesign…

47% of website redesigns are late…And 51% of redesigns run over budget

Only 24% of clients are happy with their results!

And that’s because:

  • Most designers are pushing pixels when they should be getting to know real customers.
  • Radical website redesigns take longer, cost more, and perform worse over time.
  • Projects are planned from start to finish and fail to adapt to changing circumstances and lessons learned along the way.

What if you spread your redesign budget over time and launched in steps that suited you and not the designers?
You’ll have the flexibility to execute on your top money-making opportunities each month.

And, you will ‘go live’ sooner, see a real ROI on your investment faster, and manage spending month-to-month v.s. trying to plan months in advance.

You would like all of this…right?

Build or redesign your website over 1,2,3 maybe even 4 phases.

If your website isn’t your best salesperson then you need to look at it closely, today!


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