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Just about everyone you speak to lives their life online these day’s and the skill for any business is in knowing what it takes to get their customers attention and engage meaningfully with them.

Ask yourself this, “are we generating enough qualified leads’?” If you’re not sure get in touch, we can help, in 30 minutes.

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Social channel usability and conversion rate optimization is second nature for us. We stay on top of the latest research and have applied this expertise to over 100 high value projects – and that’s why we’re able to pack a massive amount of helpful advice into your 30 minute call.

Our team has been creating fantastic User Experience (UX) and Customer Experience (CX) for over 20 years and in that time we have created and rescued social channels for some of the biggest retail names throughout the UK and beyond.

Our experts will identify the key problems and then give you a set of specific recommendations to boost your channels’s performance.

A typical review includes a critique of your information structure, copy, design, and calls to action, on the pages most likely to be seen by your customers when they:

  • First visit your social channels and website – typically your Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn page, website homepage, or your blog…
  • Want to learn about your product – typically your Facebook page, website homepage and product pages…
  • Want to educate themselves – typically educational content
  • Which marketing tactics are best suited to your growth objectives
  • What’s working, what’s not, and how to improve your marketing ROI
  • How technology advances impact your website
  • How to optimise lead generation, search, social media, and whatever else my be of concern.

Our Laser Focused Evaluation Blueprint

Based on our experience and research about how customers connect and react on social channels, we have pinpointed 7 key elements that affect your social channel’s ability to generate leads and close deals. These are:

  1. Friction: Are there reasons for the buyer to have fears, uncertainties and doubts around your ability to deliver on your promise?
  2. Opportunity: Are there opportunities for the buyer to engage with clear and noticeable calls-to-action?
  3. Clarity: Is it easy to understand what your product or service is and does, who it’s for and how you do it better?
  4. Urgency: Are there reasons for your prospects to sign up and buy sooner rather than later?
  5. Stepping Stones: Is the path to conversion easy for your prospects to navigate or are they getting lost along the way?
  6. Evidence: Is there enough social proof to ease your prospect’s anxieties and allay their objections to your offer or service?
  7. Distraction: Is the visual and information hierarchy well-established, or are there unnecessary elements distracting your prospects from the main goal of purchasing from you?

Once we have identified the seven key elements and eliminated them for good, then you can begin to reap the rewards of social media at full speed.

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The Social Marketing Performance Evaluation is a free 30 minute consultation to get you back on track.

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