Facebook Unique Targeting & Engagement Strategy

You too can achieve a 9,400% increase in Facebook page engagement in less than a week with our unique strategy and plan!


Make Facebook work for you and achieve a 9,400% increase in page likes and a whole host of other increases such as:

Facebook Insights

(This is an actual clients Facebook Insights after working with us for just one week.)

In theory, running a business should be simple.

Create a cool product, sell it to your target audience, and get rich.

But in real life, there is no such thing as a singular target audience – every potential customer has different needs and expectations.
Wouldn’t it be great if you knew how to target these mysterious people and could understand who’s sitting in front of the screen?
With this simple process you could be targeting the exact person you need to sell your product or service to without the expensive guesswork.

Our Facebook strategy is a sure way to engage with the right people on Facebook, we take the guess work out of who’s looking at your page and interacting with it.

Think of it as a 3-step approach:

  1. Create a targeted ad and set it loose on the world for a maximum of 3 days
  2. Group visitors into audience segments
  3. Create variations of your ad, each tailored to one of these segments

The result? When someone visits your page, Facebook will have already have determined which audience they belong to and will have shown them the matching ad.

This system would normally cost you £1350 + VAT per month and that’s cheap for what you get, we’ll detail it below, and considering you can increase your Facebook page reach by 4,419% and lower acquisition costs by at least 20-30%!

But as this is new to you and we want you to get a good a deal as you can, and we still need to make a little cash to keep the accountant happy, we can offer you the following:  😉

  • Check your website and Facebook page for consistency of branding and marketing message
  • Send out 1 targeted post to Facebook per day, including text, image or video (you to supply images or video or we can source images and video) on your behalf at extra cost
  • Set up a Facebook competition and create all the artwork for you (you can supply a specific image or video if required or we can source images for you). We recommend that a competition is run every 2 weeks over the months of December and January to grow the fan base organically
  • Set up Facebook polls to gauge interest on all your services/products
  • All Facebook Ad and banner artwork created for you
  • Facebook advertising – paid for by you (the client) we create and upload adverts on your behalf at a time when your target audience is active. Advertising will consist of boosting posts and the creation of 1 targeted advert every day, this does not mean that the adverts will be posted every day, we want quality not sturation.
  • If your Facebook page has a low fan following, below 2000 fans, we can create and run a targeted ad to gain over 5k of your ‘dream customer’ ‘likes’ over a 5-day period for an ad spend of just £100 (paid for by you) part of our secret sauce
  • Full stats report at the end of the month to gauge success
  • Full consultation with us to make sure everything is working as it should be, we are with you every step of the way (this is by phone or email). Keith will visit your premises once per week, if you are based within 15 miles of Whitehaven if not we will Skype, to ensure everything is on track as part of the package

And you’re getting access to all of this for just £995 + VAT per month!

This is too stellar a deal (and system!) to pass up. So, if you’re ready to give your Facebook page a much-needed boost and see your conversions sky-rocketing, don’t wait sign up for our Facebook Unique Targeting Plan!

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If you don’t have a super targeted Landing Page to convert your new ‘warm’ audience, please get in touch for more details and a cost to build. Once you have them you don’t want to let them get away, do you?

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